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Beam Radiology is committed to offering the best available options to our patients. Part of this is examining the emerging resources and the scientific innovations that we now have access to. This includes genetic screening.

Beam will facilitate the sample collection at one of our clinics, with our nursing team, and organize the sample being shipped to the genetic screening laboratory.

Knowledge is power. Know your health-related genetic risks. Insight into your health-related risks allows for the opportunity to be proactive.

Not only are you investing in your own health, but you are investing in the health knowledge and insight of your blood relatives. With the genetic screening add-on, any positive result from your screening, allows for your blood relatives to have the opportunity to also receive screening at no cost.

Take care of your loved ones by taking care of yourself with Beam’s Comprehensive Health Screening Programs.


What is Comprehensive Screening?

As part of the Beam Health Assessment Programs, we offer additional proactive genetic screening. A sample is obtained from you, and then sent directly to the genetics screening lab. You will receive the results as soon as they are processed . A copy is also sent to Beam, and this can be incorporated into your CT, MRI, or other screening report. Results from the genetic component are typically available 7-21 days after the sample arrives at the lab.


The steps to accessing your Comprehensive Screening:

  1. Decide on the imaging package that makes sense for you and your proactive healthcare! CT & MRI (*icons that link back to the screens)
  2. Inform Beam that you would like to include genetic screening
  3. Beam will provide instructions on how to collect the appropriate genetic sample, and we will arrange or coordinate the shipment of this material to the genetics lab. Results typically available 10-21 days after the sample is received
  4. Have your health assessment screening scan (MRI, CT, other) at Beam
  5. Receive a robust and comprehensive report regarding the areas interrogated by the scan, and the genetic screening that has been paired with your exam
  6. Feel rest assured that you have prioritized your health and you now have a clear and informed picture.


Frequently asked questions:

Healthy individuals motivated to screen for hereditary conditions that if detected early, may guide medical treatment or interventions.

Those who value insight into their own health.

According to the Genetic Screening Lab: “This test is intended for use to screen individuals for hereditary cancer susceptibility conditions that, if detected early, may have effective medical interventions and preventive measures. Conditions tested include, but are not limited to:”

  • breast cancer
  • colorectal cancer
  • cutaneous melanoma
  • gastric cancer
  • ovarian cancer
  • pancreatic cancer
  • prostate cancer
  • renal cell cancer
  • thyroid cancer
  • uterine cancer

There are genetic counselling resources available to you immediately, at no additional cost, to review questions.

You can call Invitae directly at – 1-800-436-3037

This information allows you to have insight about your health-related risks, it can offer peace of mind, and can guide you in your healthcare journey. You can share these results with your healthcare provider. These results can help guide proactive measures or mitigation, as well as prompt increased screening for early detection, contributing to optimized health outcomes.

You are not obliged to share any proactive genetic screening results with insurance providers. In fact, Canada has in place protections to ensure that insurance companies are not able to use this information to adjust premiums or coverage. These results are for you and your healthcare provider use.

Most of the genetic panels offered require only a saliva sample. Some specific tests call for a blood sample. Beam will help to navigate and facilitate this if needed.

Speak with your health care provider today if you feel that this screening test could be right for you!

You can add the genetic screening component to any of the Beam Health Assessment Imaging exams (MRI, CT, or other).

They can fill out a requisition, found on our website (link here to reqs), and this can be sent directly to Beam Radiology via fax at 587-885-2989.

You can also call us directly to book an appointment at 587-885-2988. Once your appointment is booked, please ensure bring your requisition in person.

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