Your Doctor Has Confirmed You Are Pregnant: What Now?

Congratulations! After you have seen your doctor to confirm your pregnancy via a urine test or blood test, most often one of the next steps by the doctor is to order a “Dating” ultrasound. When making your appointment for the dating ultrasound, keep in mind that the ideal timing for it to happen is between […]

Lingering Back Pain? 4 Critical Questions To Make Sure It’s Not Serious

Question 1: How long has my pain been present? Less than 4-6 weeks Back pain that has been present for less than 4-6 weeks is considered acute back pain. Acute back pain is highly likely to resolve on its own without medical treatment. Patients with acute back pain usually do not require medical attention unless […]

Do you have Sciatica? Causes, symptoms, and how to get immediate help

Do you suffer from pain in your lower back? Maybe you’ve always had back pain in one form or another. Little twinges here and there. Tight and sore muscles. Discomfort when lifting and turning. Difficulty performing daily tasks. But this time – it feels different. This time you feel it on one side in particular. There’s a […]