Comprehensive Screening – Genetic Screening

Comprehensive Screening Beam Radiology is committed to offering the best available options to our patients. Part of this is examining the emerging resources and the scientific innovations that we now have access to. This includes genetic screening. Beam will facilitate the sample collection at one of our clinics, with our nursing team, and organize the […]


X-Ray What is an X-Ray? Used to create images of the body’s internal structures, x-ray is one of the most important diagnostic tools. This non-intrusive procedure is used to identify abnormalities in bones and internal organs. Although the risk of radiation is known, it is extremely low with today’s state-of-the-art facilities and techniques. If there […]

Breast Imaging (Mammography & Ultrasound)

Breast Imaging Regular mammograms can help save lives by identifying breast cancer at its earliest and most treatable stage, often long before it can be felt. Screening mammography is used as a preventative tool to detect breast cancer at an early stage in women without symptoms or any known concerns. They are performed at routine […]